Construction Jobs in the Fly in fly out Mining Industry

In the Mining Industry there are numerous mining construction jobs available from Labourers, Concretors, Carpenters to Project Managers. The Construction side of the Australian mining Industry, which is fairly much the same world wide accounts for a huge amount of employment.

Jobs in the Civil Construction Phase. (We will start from the bottom and work our way up)

Reotech Mining Construction

  • Dirt Diggers- The guys who drive all of the Machinery. From excavators, bobcats, backhoes, scrapers and Graders. This is one of the most important jobs on the site as if thingsaren’t dug in the right spot the job gets held up and with the Mining sites these days some of the excavations are mind blowing
  • Dump Truck Drivers- Do not be mistaken, it may look very cushy, but it’s not easy at all, and without them the job would not happen. If you think you can keep concentrating for your whole shift whist driving the same road 1000 times this job could suit you. But you are in A\C it seems like a decent option for the summer.
  • Labourer -no matter what country you go to, all sites need Labourers as its cheaper to hire them for the manual work. I have done labouring in numerous mines in Western Australia and worked in the Canadian Oil Fields and although it was hard work it was still good and generally you get to learn a lot as you get shipped around a bit to help different crews.
  • Steel Fixers- Steel fixers are usually the rougher looking blokes…..they work hard and play hard. Every little bit of REO and steel that goes in the ground these boys have handled. Physically the Toughest job on site by far.
  • Concreters- Almost any job needs Concreters. Although it looks like easy and you think it cant be that hard to make it level its actually a very challenging job and I was once told by a respected concreter “anyone can be a concreter, but a good one can fix his own F**kups. Most jobs have 2 crews of at least 10 people concreting around the clock.
  • Brick/Block Layers- Very rare on Sites these days but still get a mention
  • Scaffolders- With safety the way it is in the Mining Industry scaffolders are highly sought after and used on every single job. On most sites as soon as you are 1-2 metres off the ground you need scaffolding.
  • Riggers- Riggers are the guys that work with the cranes and move everything around the site. These guys have a very dangerous job and a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.
  • Plumbers- Every site needs plumbers
  •  Mining Construction JobsCarpenters\ Form workers – Your regular residential chippy wont have any idea what hes doing to start with in the civil mining Industry. A lot of carpenters wont be to happy about this but in the mines carpenters and form workers do fairly much the same thing. Build and put together form work whether they build it using timber or Meva Form work.  But will not take chippies long to pick it up. Both Highly payed jobs and very hard work.
  •  Electricians- Electricians run all the power to everything on the site, and usually this gets done at the same time with plumbers and the data installers. Electricians will usually stay around after the civil phase is complete and fit off all the buildings. Very good money and rosters.

  • Surveyors- Surveyors are very important. It is their job to confirm that everything is in the right spot. They Work with very advanced computer equipment and utilize the latest GPS software. If some things are a few millimetres out it may not seem much but that can put whole projects out. Very Important.
  • Engineers- Engineers are very busy on sight and they are responsible for some big money decisions. Even though most Engineers whilst on Site are not well liked, they do a very important job. One major mistake from an engineer can bankrupt a company.

Management of Civils

  • Supervisors- Supervisors supervise what is happening and they report to the site supervisors and so on. A supervisor will be responsible for everyone and everything in a certain area. If things go bad it does not look good for him. He is the Ears on the ground basically for management. Supervisors usually deal with the health and Safety and generally organise everything for that area so its all running smoothly.
  • Site Supervisor- A site supervisor is responsible for the site. The normal supervisors report to them and he reports to the project manager. If things go bad anywhere on the site the first one in the line of fire is the site supervisor and then it rolls down hill to the Supervisor. Site supervisors will liaise with the client and other companies also. As site supervisor if there is a big enough breach you would be lucky to retain your job as happens quite regularly.
  • Head Engineer- The head engineer is responsible for the overall design of the site and its a massive responsibility. As Well as looking after the other Engineers they have to liaise constantly with the client.
  • Project Manager- The Project Manager is the big wig, the big cheese. I was once told if he does not know who you are then you are doing a good job. Basically if things turn sour the project manager is to blame. Massive responsibility and a very stressful job. It may seem like its all business class and free events but they have always got to be on the ball. The project manager works with the Client Directly, other companies and obviously is the boss of everyone on site working for that company.

This is a very basic overview of a Civil Construction Company and without the labourers and all the other jobs the project does not get completed. The companies know that and most of them will look after you. These are all high paying FIFO mining jobs and is roughly the same work as people do in the residential areas.