Administration Positions in the Mining Industry

For every 5 workers in the field there is 1 worker in the office in support of the project. These positions range from Personal Admins to the CEO to Contract Managers. With mining being such a lucrative business, the industry has been in existence for a very long time. In fact it is one of the oldest industries in the world. Mining involves extracting mineral resources from the environment. It requires the use of sophisticated tools and processes and in most cases is dangerous and poses a great risk to human health and life.

Therefore, it needs to be well supervised to ensure that the processes are carried out properly and that all precautions are observed. That is why it is important to have administrators. There are very many administration jobs available across the globe. This makes it easy for qualified people to get employed in the industry.

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Functions of an administration professional

Mining administration professionals help a firm ensure that the geological conditions and work locations are safe and adequate. They carry out preliminary surveys of potential fields and plan the extraction activities. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the working conditions are good and the welfare of the miners is considered. In other words, they ensure the smooth operation of a mine.

Mining is a massively complex activity. It has many requirements and involves handling huge machinery and many employees. The only way the whole operation can be managed effectively, is by dividing it into several departments. There are different admin jobs available in the mining industry. Some of them are discussed here.

Business development management

Since a mine is a business, it is important for it to have a good business plan or else it will fail. Due to this, most companies employ Business Development Managers. This way, it is possible to maximize profits by making the most out of the market.

Business development managers are required to handle the business side of mining. They identify and establish strategic partners. This helps boost the mine office workersbusiness operations and reduce expenditure. In addition to this, they develop, manage and maintain relationships with the key clients ensuring constant demand for the minerals.

It is also their responsibility to maintain a pipeline of work for the business unit. Therefore, they are in charge of the employees who work in the business department. Marketing also comes under their belt. They are required to maintain current information as pertains to the marketing database. This way, they can monitor the market trends, enabling the business to be a step ahead of their competitors.

In order to be a good Business Development Manager, one must possess several attributes and skills. He or she should be able to build strong positive relationships with clients and have excellent influence and negotiation skills. These are very important attributes that enable him or her to get and maintain clients. Leadership skills are also mandatory. They include being committed, having a vision and being result oriented. Good verbal and written communication skills also come as a bonus.

Lead engineers

The mining industry creates a lot of engineering jobs. This is because it is a huge venture that requires the use of machinery and structures. There are civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering posts. The types of engineers required differ according to the nature of the mining processes.

Civil engineers are usually important in mining activities that involve stripping and boring of the land. They help assess the nature of the bed rock and design ways through which the mining activities can be carried out effectively and with minimal risk. They also design the roads that serve the mines and the location other infrastructure that is needed.

mining administration jobsMechanical engineers design the mechanical structures that are going to be used for mining. A lot of machinery is used to mine and many structures have to be built to ensure the smooth operations. Therefore, the Lead mechanical engineer designs the desired structures and gives recommendations on the best way to install them.

Electrical engineers design the power supply and wiring of the whole mine. Most machines use electricity. Therefore, it is important for there to be uninterrupted power supply. Chemical engineers, though not always required, are meant to design formulations that help extract and purify the minerals.

As part of their mining administration jobs, lead engineers also lead a team of engineers who they mentor. The team also helps him or her do the job. Some of the qualifications of a lead engineer are that he or she should possess leadership skills and have reached the desired academic level, for instance a Master’s Degree or higher.

Environmental Consultancy

Mining activities normally have a very negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it is important for every mining company to have a Senior Environmental Consultant. This is an administration job that entails leadership and guidance on a portfolio of environmental aspects of a specific region.

Such professionals should have a wide environmental knowledge. They should deliver high level environmental support and advice to the business and offer useful recommendation for the project regularly. Through this, the business can run without suffering from the consequences of neglecting the environment, endangering the lives of neighbouring communities and destroying nature.

Contract Management

women-miningManaging contracts is very important. It is through a Contracts Manager that a mining company is able to get commercial assistance to help maximize profits and ensure that the business procedures and company policies are followed. This job is focused on development and enactment of Contract Administration processes using standard industry business practices.

A contracts manager is required to identify any developing issues and problems with the company contracts. He or she then sets a cause of action to offset the business exposure. All this is then reported to the line management. Contract Managers directly interact with clients on matters that pertain to contracts and establish and maintain a relationship with them.

Those are some of the main areas of administration that are available. One can apply for any of the mining administration jobs in any of them. The requirements are strict, but if one has the right academic qualifications and some years of experience, he or she would find it easy to land a job.

Personal Assistants

Almost every site will have personal assistants, more commonly known as admin people. The Pa’s will be either assigned to 1 person or a department. Their main jobs are to organise paperwork, liaise with people who want to meet with their bosses. They may also cover anything computer related, for example minutes of meetings and inserting details into excel spreadsheets. They are usually the one who delivers the pay slips and is the main point of contact for any pay issues or or anything like that on site.?