Site IT Jobs

Technology is at such a level in this day and age that Mining, Oil and gas Companies have come to realise that IT personnel are some of the most important assets to their business. As you have probably seen mines are starting to turn to computer driven dump trucks and the likes as they are far safer and more economical.

Mining as well as Oil and Gas Sites both Domestically and Internationally are turning to Computers after results have proven that the benefits are quite jobs in mining

On an Airplane when you walk through the Business Class cabins on the way to the budget economy seats you notice that the days of all the upper executives and big businessmen and their even bigger briefcases are gone and now its all and much more on a little Tablet PC or Ipad.

The Upper executives aren’t the only people in the industry changing with the times, Engineers work is all done using computers and amazing engineering software.

Emails and up to date Information is integral and that is why you will see anyone who is involved in the running of the site handling a Blackberry or other type of smart phone. It is not all good for them as they have absolutely no excuse for not getting the job done anymore. In the old days you could buy a few days having no plans or drawings for a specific area but now it can be at your fingertips in half a minute from anywhere in the world.

So for the everyday person this means…..

There is a massive demand for IT personnel, from working in the Head Office of a Company to being out in the thick of things on site helping the guys in the field. There is benefits and challenges to both…

Head Office

  • Head Office will be situated in a massive building with multiple levels depending on size of company. Most of the days are spent in elevators going between floors doing very simple jobs.
  • Get to learn a little bit about certain engineering software.
  • Some very influential people in the mining industry. You help them out and if they know you are decent they may take you to their next project.
  • Good money and benefits package come with the job.
  • Good chance to travel around a bit but obviously depends on the company you work for.

On Site IT Support

  • A lot of people in the industry do not realise how important IT is in the Field. Its all good and well if IT is going good in the HQ but if Computers, Printers and Plotters are not working in the field the job gets delayed. On site time is money and the quicker things get done the more money is saved by the company and a lot of the projects are on a very strict timeline.
  • A lot of computer issues has to do with most sites running off Diesel generators and obviously they stop from time to time. Also most sites are very dusty and even in a closed in air conditioned office you would be surprised how much dust gets in.
  • Working in Isolated areas can get to some people.
  • You do get a paid a whole lot more money to work on site, but with the money comes the extra hours. Normally you will go on a rotation of some sort and it will turn into a FIFO job.
  • Rotations can be anything from 5 days on to 4 days off, 14 on and 7 off, or 20 days on and 8 off all the way up to 28 days on and 7 off. But basically the more you work the more money you earn

Network Engineers and Server Administrators are very important to Mining, Oil and Gas Companies. But no site will run without the Desktop Support guys. Obviously the more qualified the more you will be paid as with any job. One of the massive things about working with the big Mining, Oil and Gas Companies is that they are massive and are working worldwide so an International Transfer is not out of the question. IT Jobs in Mining is one of the most important jobs on site.