Mining in Western Australia

Many people find high paying rewarding careers within the mining sector in Western Australia. It is the chance to work in an exotic place with other individuals who come from completely different backgrounds. To successfully begin a job in the field, a person must be ready to commit time to learn the correct methods that are used. Below is an insight  into the many jobs in mining that the West Australian state offers.

Opportunity For Jobs

WA jobsThere are numerous job opportunities. For example, the Gorgon Gas Project is one of the biggest construction projects of its nature. It is expected to do great things for Australia’s economy, even into the next few decades. This opens up the market in this field.

The mining opportunities are expanding fast and employees are becoming more upbeat about economic issues. This opens up the market to recent graduates. A college degree can be the key to starting a career as an engineer, or health safety professional, surveyor and the list goes on.

There have been vast documentation about shortage of skills in the mining industry. The Department of Mines and Petroleum are well aware of this situation. Western Australia companies are always looking for employees, especially women. Normally, men are associated with this industry, but there are many corporate or engineering roles open to women. There has never been a better time to get into this field of mining, especially in Australia. Most employees will have past qualifications, but there are always companies looking to train unskilled workers.

Qualifications And Training For Jobs In WA Mining

When looking to become a mining engineer, a person must have an interest in geology and technology. However, being able to manage people is also helpful. Oftentimes, they work in teams, so being able to pay attention to details and being able to solve problems is necessary.

An engineer on a site should have acquired a bachelor’s degree.  Many undergraduates will delve into hands on experience and internships to learn the trade. This allows both a candidate and an employer to gain insight into the field as well as give a business the chance to observe potential employees. Any work experience will be a definite plus when it comes to filling out a resume.
Is Experience Always Necessary?

It is not always necessary to have skills in the mining field in Australia to gain a job. Some companies will hire employees who have little to no experience in Western Australia Mine Employmentthe industry. Some companies offer training to the right candidate. Since mining is much less risky than in the past, there are awesome machines that get the work done in a safe manner. This lowers the possibility for injury from untrained personnel. Since the world’s demands for minerals is at an all time high, there are numerous jobs in mining WA that require no past work experience.

Jobs That Require No Skill

The industry can offer people with different work backgrounds a nice salary. Even individuals with no experience can receive over $1000 each week in salary. Even labourers normally earns close to this. This is especially nice in places like Karratha, Port Hedland, and Kalgoolie where there is a big shortage in workers. In the past, things were so bad that the government offered incentives to people who were interested in the field and willing to be trained to start employment immediately.

Most people without mining experience are hired and shadow seasoned workers in order to gain knowledge and skills. Other opportunities include cleaning or cooking positions in the mining industry. Obviously, the more knowledge a person has, he more likely it will be to find an advanced position.

Most jobs are located on mine sites. This means that a person will live in the town and be shuttled to and from work. On the other hand, some people will drive from home to the site where a camp is set up during a work roster. Another common situation involves flying in and out of a work town. Workers are chartered in for a set amount of time and live on site where food and housing is provided for free. Any of these situations will work, especially when skills are not in abundance. It gives a great way to save money since everything is provided for an employee with no extra charges.

The only necessity that comes to a worker with little experience is that the person must be willing to work long hours away form home. This takes a great commitment. In the end, the worker will be rewarded with high pay, free food, and free housing. Most people will enter an apprenticeship at first to learn the necessary skills. After experience has been gained, there is a definite possibility for job advancement.
Western Australia Onshore Oil and Gas Work

Recruiting For Graduates

Even though there are numerous Fifo Mining jobs available to people with a low skill level, there are also great possibilities for people who specialize in it from a university. Many organisations will recruit graduates each year. This places special trades learned and studied to good use.

Going Further With This Career Choice

These jobs in the western state of Australia offers include on the job training to both graduates and people with little past skills. The next step is placing employees into a developmental program that puts a person onto as specific career path. In other words, an employee is matched with an area of interest. It allows the company to benefit from a dedicated employee along with a person to progress in a field of choice. Since the industry is advancing at such a rapid pace, more and more people are being encouraged to gain extra responsibilities. This will also lead to higher pay.

These jobs are at an all time high. The entire industry is experiencing great changes. Australian miners have vast opportunities to advance in a particular field, even without past experience. Many companies promote on the job training. They provide employees with knowledge and necessary skills to get ahead. Recent graduates are virtually assured a place in the mining industry if interested. There are various positions that span lab, office, or field work. This provides a rewarding career for many years.