Liquefied Natural Gas Projects in Western Australia

At present several LNG projects in Western Australia are progressing to improve the balance between demand and supply of LNG throughout Australia. Brief information about some of LNG projects heading towards completion in near future is provided here under for your knowledge sake.

Gorgon Project

The Gorgon project is the largest project in the history of Australia which is developed by single resource. It is an Australian iconic project in which technology and expertise has been used produce energy and keep environment safe. It will be recognized as the largest natural gas project in the world after its completion.

barrow island


Between Gorgon and Jansz-Io gas fields just 220 and 130 kilometers off the Northwestern coast of Western Australia is the main location of Gorgon Liquefied Natural Gas project within the premises of Gorgon. This project is being developed on Barrow Island to construct a plant that can produce 15.6 MTPA or million ton per annum liquefied natural gas or LNG along with 300 terajoules of domestic gas per day to be supplied to Western Australia, through a domestic plant. The LNG produced at Gorgon will be transported to international markets through 2.1 kilometer long loading jetty whereas domestic gas will be supplied to mainland of Western Australia through pipeline.

Other information about the project

Gorgon LNG project is a joint venture which includes ExxonMobil, various subsidiaries of Chevron, Osaka Gas, Shell, Chubu Electric Power and Tokyo Gas in different proportions but the project is mainly operated by Chevron as it holds more than 43% share in it.

The Gorgon project is the largest joint venture of the world to produce CO2 at commercial scale in which about $2 billion have been invested in its designing and construction. The injection technology used in this project will help in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases between 3.4 and 4.1 million tons in a year. As the part of the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund the Australian government has also committed to contribute $60 million to the Gorgon Carbon Dioxide Injection Project.

Browse LNG Development

A floating liquefied natural gas project is progressing under the banner of Browse Joint Venture which is operated by Woodside to commercialize the resources available in Browse Basin for global benefit.


Browse resources are located in Western Australia about 425 kilometers offshore in the north of Broome. Browse resources, which are expected to the store approximately 441 million barrels of condensate natural gas along with 15 Tcf of dry gas, include the fields of Calliance, Torosa and Brecknock.

Other information about the project

The undertakers of Browse joint venture have decided in September 2013 to invest in FLNG project to explore Browse resources from the offshore gas fields of Browse in a technically innovative manner. The functions of receiving gas from the offshore have been combined in this project with gas liquefaction and treatment plant along with the facilities of offloading and storage. In this project offshore development expertise of Woodside along with FLNG technology of Shell will be utilized in Australian waters to extract natural energy resources present at three locations.

Wheatstone LNG Project

The Wheatstone LNG project is one of the most important resource development projects of Western Australia which is expected to provide the safe supply of gas along with various other socio-economic benefits like revenue to the government and job and business opportunities for people.

WA LNG Barrow Island


The Wheatstone project is located 12 kilometers west of the Onslow in the Pilbara region of Western Australia at ANSIA or Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area. The exact location of the gas resources of this project is about 200 kilometers on the offshore of Pilbara coast in Onslow exist between Wheatstone and near by Iago. A domestic gas plant and two LNG trains owning combined capacity of nearly 9 MTPA are the two concepts included in this foundation project.

Other information about project

The joint venture of Wheatstone Project includes the collaboration of various companies in different proportion including KUFPEC or Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, Australian subsidiaries of Chevron, Kyushu Electric Power Company and Apache Corporation along with the part of PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd owned by TEPCO.

Thus these LNG projects in Western Australia which will strengthen its position in the Asia-Pacific region as leading supplier of Natural gas and Liquefied Natural gas.